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Five Hands-On Activities for Tactile Learners

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When it comes to outdoor activities for kindergartners, virtually all of them love recess. When it comes to spending time after school or during the holidays or long summer months at most daycares, many would likely tell you that their favorite part is going home.

After spending the day in classrooms and learning, kids just want to get outside and have fun. While most daycares have a playground, the kids’ time there is generally just as limited as recess so the question is, how can you get them outside more?

At Children’s Learning Center, we love outdoor activities. We take field trips to fairs and water parks and even have camps but some of the best fun comes from engaging with the children via games and activities right here at home.

If you’re looking for some fun stuff to do outside with your kindergartner, we’ve got a few ideas that may be enjoyable for all involved.

5 Outdoor Activities for Kindergartners

1. Growing Green Thumbs

Taking to the great outdoors and tending a garden together can be educational on several levels. You can teach them the science behind photosynthesis, why plants and vegetables need water, how bees pollinate the garden and affect our food chain, and how to tell when certain vegetables are ready to be harvested.

2. A Nature-Inspired Scavenger Hunt

When it comes to outdoor activities for kindergartners, this can be one of the most fun. You can find some great ideas online but it can be more enjoyable to customize your scavenger hunt to your particular area.

If you have an oak tree nearby, have them search for an acorn or one of their fall leaves. Put fun stuff on the list like a ladybug or a rock shaped like a heart, but also educational things like a bee pollinating a flower or a line of ants gathering food that they have to look at with a magnifying glass. Or better yet, leaf-cutter ants carrying leaves back to their home so you can teach them about different ants too.

3. Color Hunt

Practicing their numbers and colors can get a little tedious for kindergartners so making it a game is almost always worth it. Using crayons, make a list of 10-20 colors and have them go through the yard and neighborhood (with you of course), identifying the colors.

4. Memory Game

Glue nature images and their names onto paper plates and place them face down on the ground and have the child(ren) take turns turning over two plates and saying the name of the item they see. If their two choices match, they get a point but if they don’t, the plates are turned back over and the next child gets a turn.

5. Make it a Race

If you have several children and need something fun, a numbers vs letters game could be perfect. Grab a plastic one-gallon bucket and fill it with water, sand, or water beads. Then, either print off letters and numbers or have the kids make them and then cut to size and laminate them. Of course, you can also use plastic or foam ones but having the children involved in this stage can help them feel more engaged with the project.

Simply put the letters and numbers in the bucket, stir it all up, and then, one by one, keep time and have the children race to not only pull them out but also separate them into the appropriate pile.

Keep it Going

Don’t stop here. Use the above to spawn your own outdoor activities for kindergartners ideas. Fun in the sun is almost always a good idea and with the right games and activities, you can keep your kids engaged and having fun for hours at a time.

When it comes to your child’s care, few take it as seriously as Children’s Learning Center. Located in the old downtown Buford hospital, we’ve been caring for children for almost 80 years, and with almost an acre of land, we have room for a lot of outdoor activities. If you’re looking for the perfect place for your kindergartner, there’s no place better.

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