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10 Fulfilling Fall Activities for Kids

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Your Thanksgiving meal is a perfect opportunity to dine on delicious foods with family – but for parents with children, planning Thanksgiving dinner can be a challenge. Instead of preparing for tantrums, you can make a plan for Thanksgiving dinner that satisfies even the pickiest eater with some proper planning. 

To help you out, we’ve compiled the ultimate picky eater food list that will make Thanksgiving a breeze. Let’s get started! 

Keep Your Child Involved

An easy way to encourage your child to eat their Thanksgiving meal is by keeping them involved in food planning and preparation. Before you start cooking your Thanksgiving masterpiece, ask your child what they want to see on the menu – whether it’s a classic dessert like pumpkin pie or a special side of their favorite vegetable just for them. 

Involving your child in meal preparation is also helpful. When kids help make the food, they’re more likely to want to try it so they can appreciate what they’ve created! 

Have a Go-To Food Prepared

Your Thanksgiving menu is likely packed with mouthwatering delights, but these won’t always appeal to a picky eater. To make sure your Thanksgiving is stress-free, prepare a go-to food that you know your child will enjoy. Consider widely loved classics like mashed potatoes and roasted turkey, but also plan for less common, kid-friendly Thanksgiving sides like pasta, rice, chicken, and healthy foods like broccoli – or anything you know your kid will eat! 

Test Your Foods

You might think your child will love certain Thanksgiving staples only to realize on the day that they refuse to eat. Many Thanksgiving foods are new to children, so it’s best to sample things you know you’ll serve to see how your child responds. 

Make a quick batch of cranberry sauce, a side of stuffing, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy – whatever you think your child will like the most! 

Pay Attention to How Food Looks

No matter how delicious your Thanksgiving meal might be, if it doesn’t look appealing to a child, they won’t eat it. Focusing on how you present your food is important to getting your child excited about eating. Keep plates bright with fruits and vegetables, arrange the meal into the shape of a turkey, or put the turkey on a sandwich to make it appear more appetizing to your child – whatever makes it look tastiest! 

Have Choices

Sometimes, all children need are some good options to pick and choose what they like most. Don’t skimp out on your Thanksgiving menu, and offer your child plenty of choices to test the waters, try new flavors, and see what tastes best. 

Have modifications prepared, too – for example, give your child the option for extra peas to mix into their mashed potatoes, whipped cream for their pie, or butter for their cornbread. Sometimes, all it takes is a small choice to make your child feel comfortable with what they’re eating. 

Get Quality Childcare

These 12 after-school fall activities for kids will occupy, teach, and challenge your little ones. However, you may only sometimes have the time to conduct these activities with them. The Children’s Learning Center is here to help when you require extra hands.

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